Encom Becomes First Company to Join #FREEtheMIBS Campaign

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Encom opens their MIBs to create new opportunities for the company.

SAN DIEGO, California, May 12, 2020 – Encom Wireless announced today that the company is joining the #FREEtheMIBS Campaign and for the first time officially opening its management information bases (MIBs) to agencies, vendors, and researchers. By joining as a partner, Encom Wireless becomes the first traffic signal communication company to join the cause.

“Open communication goes both ways,” according to Travis Hume, the director of sales for Encom Wireless. “We believe companies that are the easiest to do business with and provide the greatest access to information will have the most business opportunities in the future. We’re joining FREEtheMIBS because it represents interoperability and the willingness to work with other people, which is directly in line with our core values.”

Encom Wireless has been in the transportation communications business for more than 30 years. The Calgary, Canada-based company designs and manufactures rugged and reliable wireless products that allow communication between traffic signal controllers and variable message signs, enable real-time remote device monitoring, and transmit high-bandwidth video backhaul applications for delivering high resolution images to transportation management centers (TMCs).

Hume said Encom believes open MIBs and open standards are inevitable. “Other verticals within transportation have already made the change from proprietary to open communication protocols,” he said. “To positively effect change within the larger transportation market in North America requires people and organizations to lead the way with passion and integrity. To that end, we are pleased to help pave the way for other ITS communication companies. Not only does sharing our MIBs open our products up for different industry markets, it solidifies and grows our client relationships in the transportation space.”

Tom Stiles, #FREEtheMIBs founding partner and executive vice president of urban solutions at Q-Free, said, “We’re elated to have Encom Wireless join the campaign. When #FREEtheMIBS began, we knew that we wanted to grow it beyond just traffic signal control MIBs and create a clearinghouse of ITS protocols covering the gamut of ITS equipment. What we did not expect is for word to spread so quickly. There’s growing agreement among the people we’re talking with that freeing MIBs and open standards increases competition and innovation without jeopardizing security and safety, a win-win for agencies and communities.”

The #FREEtheMIBs campaign continues to spark conversations and transform the industry. In addition to private sector advocates, forward-thinking public agencies like Utah and Oregon DOTs have signed on. For more information on the campaign or to download Encom Wireless’ MIBs, please visit us at FREEtheMIBS.org.

#FREEtheMIBS is a collaborative campaign to encourage traffic signal controller and ITS device manufacturers, and public sector agencies to unite behind opening and sharing device NTCIP protocols – specifically, management information bases (MIBs). To learn more about the freeing the MIBs or to join the movement, visit FREEtheMIBS.org.



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