We design and manufacture products that provide flexible options for wireless on/off control, real-time device monitoring, and high bandwidth backhaul applications. End users are able to access their network from remote areas within their particular geography. Explore practical applications that our rugged and reliable products make possible.

Signal Interconnect

Encom has serial radios perfectly designed for municipalities to connect their signals and intersections, regardless of controller type. Our robust Pulse series radios use a variety of reliable serial protocols (RS-232 / RS 422). These radios operate on the 900 MHz frequency band and utilize frequency hopping spread spectrum (FHSS) technology to transmit serial data from point to point or point to multipoint.


Video and Data Backhaul


In large municipal systems where traffic cameras are deployed everywhere, backhauling multiple video streams can be demanding on system bandwidth. At Encom, we solve this problem with the E-Lite 450 and Energy broadband radios. Each unit is capable of up to 866 Mbps throughput, and customizable channel widths from 5 to 80 MHz (subject to unit configuration). These radios provide a data pipe that is fast enough to handle all your video backhaul needs. A secondary PoE (Power over Ethernet) port is also provided making it convenient to attach an auxiliary device (such as a video camera), reducing costs and simplifying installation.

School Zone Safety

Encom has a robust portfolio of products designed to bring peace of mind and ease of installation for School Zone Flasher systems. Our Contact Closure products allow for control and monitoring of beacon sites. Encom Harmony products such as the Gateway Basic and Gateway Advanced I/O provide remote scheduling, monitoring and gateway features that are designed to bring your school zone beacon data into your central management software.


Advance Warning Systems

“Advance Warning Systems” is an umbrella term that describes any system where a combination of sensor and warning device (often a visual flashing beacon) alert motorists to proceed with caution or, in some cases, not to proceed at all. Examples include Stop Light Warning, Fire Hall Entry/Exit Pre-emption, Flood Warning, etc. How do you use Encom Products in an Advance Warning System? Encom contact closures can be used in conjunction with a variety of sensors (loop detectors, infrared, etc.) to wirelessly send a signal to a flashing beacon intended to warn motorists.


Mid-block Crosswalk Systems


Not every pedestrian crossing is at a major intersection. Save time and money by installing the Commpak I/O8 or Harmony IP I/O8 and bring mid-block crossings online within your system. These products use Encom’s I/O mapping feature to ensure the Rectangular Rapid Flashing Beacon (RRFB) is activated on either end of the mid-block crossing when a pedestrian pushbutton is triggered.

Serial to Ethernet System Migration

Traffic technology is constantly changing and always evolving. Many municipalities today are swapping out serial controllers for Ethernet controllers. Often due to budget constraints, the swap out must happen in stages. Enter the iPulse and Pulse S radios. Users can connect an iPulse unit to their Ethernet controller and convert LAN data to serial data and communicate this serial data over 900Mhz frequency to existing Pulse S units in the field. This effectively makes the iPulse a gateway between your IP network and your serial devices in the field.