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CommPak I/O4

Wireless Contact Closure On/Off Control (902-928MHz)

With infinite routing possibilities, remote operation and exact diagnostics, these products ensure effective, dependable operation for a host of applications without the installation costs and time constraints of wired systems. Solar powered options are complimented by the low power consumption each Contact Closure unit requires.

The Mini I/O uses a Real Time Clock and multi- event scheduler, which makes it a perfect choice for all time based control applications.

At the heart of the Mini I/O is a powerful 1 Watt 900 MHz Frequency Hopping radio that delivers reliable, NLOS (non line of sight) data communications at ranges beyond 20 miles. With the ability to also function as a repeater, the Mini I/O’s effective range can be extended beyond 60 miles. An RS-232 port may be used for 3rd party equipment control and remote data access.